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Laptop Battery Doesn't Charge

Are you having problems with charging your battery? This can not only be frustrating but it is likely an indication that something is wrong. Your laptop battery may not be charging at all, or not charging fully for several reasons. The top reasons are listed below with remedies for each.

The Laptop Battery is Bad

Although defective rates for new batteries are less than 1% it is still a possibility that the laptop battery is bad. A simple way to test this is to see if another laptop battery will charge in your laptop, if so, then the battery you have is defective. If the laptop battery is being charged, but not all the way, then it may just need to be recalibrated or a BIOS update may be required for the laptop to recognize and fully charge the laptop battery. Click for Recalibration Instructions. For BIOS updates, please visit the laptop manufacturer's website.

  • Solution:
    You will need to replace your laptop battery.
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The Laptop Power Adapter is Bad

The simple test for this is to try running the laptop solely from the laptop power adapter. If the laptop doesn't run off the laptop power adapter then you have a dead adapter on your hands. In some cases the laptop charger itself is faulty and may run the laptop but not have enough power to charge the battery. In this case try charging the laptop battery with the laptop turned off. If the notebook battery charges while the computer is off then the laptop power adapter is faulty and you will need to replace it.

  • Solution:
    You need a new AC adapter for your laptop.
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The Computer Motherboard is Bad

The computer motherboard may be bad if your new and your old laptop battery won't charge and the laptop charger is working properly. If your laptop battery will charge in another laptop then that is also a good sign that you have a bad motherboard. A bad motherboard is the worst case scenario. It is very expensive to repair or replace. You have to weigh in your options on whether it is worth fixing the laptop, especially if the repair costs exceeds the current value of the laptop.

If you purchased your laptop battery from usand it's within warranty then use our warranty web form to request and RMA number so you can return your defective laptop battery to us and we can send out a replacement.

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