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TI1506 19V 3.42A 65 Watt AC Adapter Replacement

TI1506 19V 3.42A 65 Watt AC Adapter Assembled in the US
Highest Quality available
UL ListedTUV CertifiedCSA Certified

Brand: ENERGY+
Warranty: 12 Months
Condition: Brand New
Type: AC Adapter
Output Voltage: 19 Volt 65-Watt
Output Amp: 3.4A
Input Voltage: 100-240V 50/60 Hz (Worldwide Compatible)
Color: Black
Dimensions (LWH): 5.15" x 2.35" x 1.35"
Weight: 1.1 lb
Country of Manufacturing Assembled here in the USA

ENERGY+'s NEW Gateway TI1506 AC adapter. Replacement 19V laptop AC adapter is guaranteed to meet or exceed original Gateway TI1506 AC adapter specifications. AC adapter is supplied with a U.S. power cord. We guarantee 100% compatibility when using this ENERGY+ TI1506 19V 3.42A 65 Watt AC Adapter in place of the original manufacturer's replacement part.

  • Asus, BenQ, Clevo, Compal, Dell, ECS, Fujitsu, Gateway, Lenovo, LG, Packard Bell, Toshiba, Uniwill and Winbook series laptop and notebook computers.
Replaces OEM Part Numbers:
0225A1865 2528181 ADP-65JH BB PA-1650-01GA
0225A1965 2528181R ADP-65JH BBH PA-1650-01GQ
0225C1865 2E.16190.001 ADP-65JH CBC PA-1650-01WR
0225C1965 30-49013-01 ADP-65JH DBK PA-1650-02
0335A1960 310-0367 ADP-65KH PA-1650-02A3
0335A1965 310-5422 ADP-65KH B PA-1650-02AR
0335A2065 310-6405 ADP-65KH BD PA-1650-02G1
0335C1965 310-6499 ADP-65YB PA-1650-02G2
0335C2065 312-0367 ADP-65YB B PA-1650-02GW
04G266003162 31TA6MB0023 ADP-65YB BA PA-1650-02I2
04G266003163 36001646 ADP65HB PA-1650-02R1
04G2660031M0 36001651 ADP65HB BBEF PA-1650-22
04G2660031M1 36001714 AG19034CY23 PA-1650-52LB
04G2660031N0 36001792 AP.15003.001 PA-1650-52LC
04G2660031N1 36001870 APAC01 PA-1650-56LC
04G2660031S0 36001929 APAC02 PA-1650-68
04G2660031T0 36001943 API3AD02-AB0 PA-1650-68/CL
04G2660031U0 41R4441 API3AD02-AB1 PA-1650-68/MS
04G2660031V0 42T4449 API3AD03 PA-1750-04TC
04G2660047L1 42T4455 API3AD03-380 PA3032E-1ACA
0F9710 42T4458 CA01007-0890 PA3032U-1ACA
0N5825 44T4458 CF719 PA3097E-1ACA
0TD230 45K2200 CP041551-01 PA3097U-1ACA
0TD231 45K2209 CP045013-01 PA3396E-1ACA
101953 45K2225 CP268387-01 PA3396U-1ACA
102042 5542D CP281868-03 PA3449U-1AC3
102444 55522 CPA-A065 PA3449U-1ACA
102458 55523 DSO020794-00 PA3467E
102522 55Y9361 EA-MV1V PA3467E-1AC3
102664 55Y9370 F10653-A PA3467E-1ACA
102665 57Y6415 F9710 PA3467U
102918 57Y6430 FMV-AC320A PA3467U-1AC3
103310 6500550 FPCAC46 PA3467U-1ACA
103316 6500589 FPCAC46B PA3714E
103325 6500721 FPCAC48 PA3714E-1AC3
103326 6500920 FPCAC48AP PA3714E-1ACA
103739 6501062 FSP065-AAC PA3714U
103905 6506063 FSP065-RAB PA3714U-1AC3
103907 6506063R HP-OK065E03 PA3714U-1ACA
105067 6506064R HP-OK066B13 PA3822E
105068 6506083 K9060 PA3822E-1ACA
105195 6506083R L7-PW-AC001 PA3822U
105927 6506101 L8-PW-AC001 PA3822U-1ACA
105928 6506101R LSE9802A1960 PC-AP6700
106293 6.86E+09 MS-1057P PC-VP-BP21
106294 7.15E+10 N5825 PC-VP-WP09
106295 76-010513-00 NB-65B19 PC-VP-WP14
10653-a 76-011653-5A NBP001088-00 PC-VP-WP17
106821 83-110000-0013G NBP001127-00 PC-VP-WP36
106838 83-110085-0200 NBP001127-01 PCF-AP6500
106840 83-110087-220G NBP001141-00 QCD1ACYZZZTA51
106867 83-110087-3100 NBP001152-00 QCD1HYWZZZBQW1
106903 83-110114-0000 NBP001190-00 QND1ACYZZZ0022
106911 83-110114-1000 NBP001198-00 QND1ACYZZZ00222
106963 83-110114-2000 NBP001198-01 QND1ACYZZZ0090
106964 83-110114-720G NBP001215-00 QND1ACYZZZ00A4
106979 83-110128-0200 NBP001216-00 QND1ACYZZZ00F5
107000 83-110128-1000 NBP001216-01 QND1ACYZZZ00G3
107062 83-110128-1100 NBP001219-00 QND1ACYZZZ00G32
12-01793-01 83-110147-020G NBP001225-00 QND1ACYZZZTA51
1533208 83-110147-030G NBP001288-00 QND1ACYZZZTA78
1533516 90-N55PW1000 NBP001330-00 S26391-F321-L100
21.10180.071 90-N6APW2000 NBP001331-00 S26391-F321-L400
25.10180.101 957-1057P-001 NBP001406-00 S26391-F367-L160
25.10181.001 9803981-0001 NBP001434-00 S26391-F794-L500
25.10181.021 A1-L1-L84D-M1-M2A NBP001434-01 S8-PW-AC001
25.10185.061 A1-PW-AC001 NBP001434-02 SA20069-01
25.10202.001 AA26600L NBP001434-03 SADP-65KB
2521756 ACD83-110000-0013G NBP001435-00 SADP-65KB B
2521974 ACD83-110087-220G NBP001463-00 SADP-65KB BBNF
2522763 ACD83-110087-340G NBP001509-00 SADP-65KB BBSF
2522763R ACD83-110087-340G2 NBP001510-00 SADP-65KB BF
2522772 ACD83-110114-7000 NBP001562-00 SADP-65KB BFGF
2522772R ACD83-110114-7100 NBP001565-00 SADP-65KB C
2522947R ACD83-110147-010G NBP001565-01 SADP-65KB D
2527646 ACD83-110147-010G2 NBP001565-02 SLS0225A19406
2527646R ACDB1285060000028 NBP001568-00 SLS0225A19N06LF
2527712 ACDB12850600000282 OP-520-63001 SLS0225C19406
2527712R ACE83-110087-3100 OP-520-70001 SLS0225C1965
2527741R ACE83-110114-7000 OP-520-73601 SLS0225C19G06LF
2527829 ACE83-110114-7100 OP-520-73701 SLS0225C19G57LF
2527829R ACE83-110128-0200 OP-520-75101 SLS0335A19G06LF
2527877 Adapter 40A (B-UL) OP-520-75301 SLS0335A19G57LF
2527877R Adapter 40A (W-UL) OP-520-75601 SLS0335A19N06LF
2527903 Adapter B-UL OP-522-70001 SLS0335C1965
2527903R Adapter W-UL OP-522-73701 SLS0335C19G06LF
2527911 ADP-50HH OP-522-75101 SLS0335C19G57LF
2527911R ADP-60DB OP-524-70001 SLS0335C19K06LF
2527912 ADP-65DB OP-524-72501 SLS0335C20017
2527912R ADP-65HB OP-524-73701 TD230
2528095 ADP-65HB AD OP-524-75101 TD231
2528095R ADP-65HB BB PA-16 WAAC02
2528143 ADP-65HB BBCF PA-1600-02 WAAC03A
2528143R ADP-65HB BBEF PA-1650-01
2528179 ADP-65HB BBH PA-1650-01AR
2528179R ADP-65JH PA-1650-01G1

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Do you need the best replacement ENERGY+ AC adapters at the best prices? Look no further than When you buy a ENERGY+ brand TI1506 19V 3.42A 65 Watt AC Adapter, you can be rest assured that you are receiving the best value and service for your money. This replacement ENERGY+ TI1506 19V 3.42A 65 Watt AC Adapter AC adapter is guaranteed to be brand new and fresh from the factory. This replacement ENERGY+ brand TI1506 19V 3.42A 65 Watt AC Adapter is not a ENERGY+ OEM product, and is not part of any ENERGY+ product recalls.

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